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Jesus and Jesusa 


(Now available at in paperback and Kindle formats. Click HERE)


Jesus and Jesusa is also published together with 2121 in a single volume.  (Click HERE.)



   Jesus and Jesusa is a utopian novella about the cloning of the foreskin of Jesus of Nazareth to create an identical brother and sister, Jesus and Jesusa. They were born in May, 2014 and lived extraordinary lives where they became Co-Popes of the Roman Catholic Church. During a world tour, there is an apparent assassination attempt and a man is convicted of attempted murder.  However, the conviction may be wrongful.

   Jesus and Jesusa is a companion book to 2121.  They can be read separately or together, with Jesus and Jesusa recommended to be read first.


List of Characters
Chronology of Jesus and Jesusa
Chapter 1    Birth of Jesus and Jesusa
Chapter 2    Foreskin of Calcata
Chapter 3    Cloning the Foreskin
Chapter 4    Childhood and College
Chapter 5    Coming out and Humanism
Chapter 6    Co-Popes in the Church
Chapter 7  World tour and Common Ground
Chapter 8    2045 Forward to Resignation
Chapter 9    Aging and Suicides
Chapter 10 Post Script
Afterword    How the world changed – See 2093 Ph.D. Thesis of Charlotte Amalie Perkins, The Global Social and Political Impact of the Utopian Novella Jesus and Jesusa as summarized in upcoming book, 2121, by Morrison Bonpasse