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About Exoneration

"Exoneration" means relief of a responsibility, obligation, or hardship or the clearing from accusation or blame

More precisely, the definition from the National Registry of Exonerations is:

Exoneration. In general, an exoneration occurs when a person who has been convicted of a crime is officially cleared based on new evidence of innocence.  More precisely: A person has been exonerated if he or she was convicted of a crime and later was either: (1) declared to be factually innocent by a government official or agency with the authority to make that declaration; or (2) relieved of all the consequences of the criminal conviction by a government official or body with the authority to take that action. The official action may be: (i) a complete pardon by a governor or other competent authority, whether or not the pardon is designated as based on innocence; (ii) an acquittal of all charges factually related to the crime for which the person was originally convicted; or (iii) a dismissal of all charges related to the crime for which the person was originally convicted, by a court or by a prosecutor with the authority to enter that dismissal. The pardon, acquittal, or dismissal must have been the result, at least in part, of evidence of innocence that either (i) was not presented at the trial at which the person was convicted; or (ii) if the person pled guilty, was not known to the defendant, the defense attorney and the court at the time the plea was entered. The evidence of innocence need not be an explicit basis for the official action that exonerated the person.



"Exoneration Services" is work on behalf of the wrongfully convicted with the goal of exoneration.

BonPasse Exoneration Services include:


    - building a website about the case.

    - developing an organization dedicated to exonerating the client.

    - writing a book in order to comprehensively present the case, or to present the overall issue of wrongful


    - providing public relations services, i.e. working with the media.


BonPasse Exoneration Services presumes that justice is for all of us, and not just for courts and lawyers.  All branches of government, and the media and the citizenry have a role.