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About Wrongful Convictions (for latest news and articles, see below)

   They occur far more often than should be tolerated.  In fact, NO wrongful convictions should be tolerated in the U.S. If there is one circumstance for which we should have "zero tolerance", it's a wrongful conviction.

For a treasure trove of information about wrongful convictions, see the website of the Innocence Project, and the National Registry of Exonerations

For links to cases about miscarriages of justice in Australia, the UK and the U.S. see "Networked Knowledge on Miscarriages of Justice"



10 February 2013 Article: "Claims of Innocence in 'Last Statements' of Texas inmates since 1982." by Morrison Bonpasse (Draft, Feb 12, 2013) (Please send comments and/or criticisms to Morrison.)

This article (draft) presents the 50 (out of 492 executed inmates) direct claims of innocence as an indicator of the number of innocence claims throughout the justice system.

The source documents and websites cited in the article are linked below:

"Executed Offenders" from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice

"Last Statements of 492 Executed Inmates" compiled from "Executed Offenders", above.

" Last Statements of 50 Executed Inmates who claimed Innocence directly " compiled from "Executed Offenders", above.

"Last Statements of 37 Executed Inmates who claimed reduced responsibility" compiled from

"Executed Offenders", above.

"Spreadsheet with classifications of 492 Last Statements (landscape)" compiled from "Executed Offenders", above


18 January 2014 Draft article with attached spreadsheet : "To Testify or Not Testify: An Unfair Choice for the Innocent?"

Of 1,284 Exonerees, over 200 testified at their own trials and were still found guilty.  Hundreds others chose not to testify, even though they were innocent.  by Morrison Bonpasse (Draft, Feb 12, 2013) (Please send comments and/or criticisms to Morrison.)




The article examines how the 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, compare to each other with respect to the number of wrongful convictions/exonerations per million population since 1989 and the lengths of the periods of time that such exonerations required.



Ongoing online article (as revised as of 7/7/2015):

article with spreadsheets: 


"Polygraphs and 281 Wrongful Conviction Exonerations"  (published in July 2015)

SPREADSHEET Cases by ROLE of Polygraph listing 280 cases by category of the polygraph results, and with links to information about each case.  (One duplicate was removed after writing of article.)

SPREADSHEET Cases by STATE of Polygraph listing 280 cases by state. (One duplicate was removed after writing of article.)


"Polygraphs and 250 Wrongful Conviction Exonerations"  (published in November 2013)

SPREADSHEET Cases by ROLE of Polygraph listing 250 cases by category of the polygraph results, and with links to information about each case.

SPREADSHEET Cases by STATE of Polygraph listing 250 cases by state


as published in POLYGRAPH, a journal of the American Polygraph Association, July 2013

"Polygraphs and 215 Wrongful Conviction Exonerations" (without spreadsheets, and without hyperlinks)                .pdf copy of article, with spreadsheets and hyperlinks: "Polygraphs and 215 Wrongful Conviction Exonerations"

Earlier versions:

Word copy, with links to named cases:  ."Polygraphs and 213 Wrongful Conviction Exonerations"

Excel:  SPREADSHEET Cases by ROLE of Polygraph listing 213 cases by category of the polygraph results, and with links to information about each case.

Excel: SPREADSHEET Cases by STATE of Polygraph listing 213 cases by state

pdf copy of article with spreadsheets:  

"Polygraphs and 213 Wrongful Conviction Exonerations"

PowerPoint Presentation  at 2013 Innocence Network Conference.

For discussion of article see Martin Yant's article, "Technical glitch raises more questions about polygraphs" with comments at

.pdf copies of previous versions: (each together with two spreadsheets)

"Polygraphs and 200 Wrongful Conviction Exonerations" (rev. 3/29/13)  

"Polygraphs and 185 Wrongful Conviction Exonerations", (rev. 3/19/13)

"Polygraphs and 175 Wrongful Conviction Exonerations" (rev. 3/6/13. 

"Polygraphs and 166 Wrongful Conviction Exonerations". Originally posted on February 25, 2013.

The Wrongly Convicted Exonerees listed in the two spreadsheets:

Luis Santaliz Acosta

Don Ray Adams

Randall Dale Adams

Kenny Adams (Ford Heights Four)

Omar Aguirre

Albert Algarin

Derrick Allen

Joseph Allen

Violet Amirault

Joseph Amrine

Garner Bailey

Robert Ballard Bailey

Edward Baker

Arvind Balu

Steven Barnes

Barry Beach

Alan Beaman

Fernando Bermudez

Kirk Bloodsworth

Kenneth Boyd, Jr.

Marcellius Bradford

Ted Bradford

Lamont Branch

Clarence Brandley

Brandy Briggs

Daniel Brown

Debra Brown

Joseph Green Brown

Leon Brown

Joseph Burrows

Joyce Ann Brown

David Camm

Anthony Caravella

Carlos Cardenas

Napoleon Cardenas

Edward George Carter

Nathaniel Carter

Quentin Carter

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter

Armando Castillo

Clarence Chance

Edwin Chandler

Glen Chapman

Christopher Clugston

Marion Coakley

Kerry Max Cook

Timothy Crosby

Anthony Curlin

Erick Daniels

Richard Danziger

Andre Davis

Larry Davis

Derrick Deacon

James L. Dean (Beatrice Six)

Muneer Deeb

Lynn DeJac

Jeff Deskovic (Charles Honts evaluation of polygraph)

Joseph Dick (Norfolk Four)

William Dillon

Jack Dinning

Alfredo Domenech

Gary Dotson

Dale Duke

Nathan Christopher Dwight

Joseph Eastridge

Damien Echols

Clarence Elkins

Charles Fain

Floyd Fay

Neil Ferber

Ryan Ferguson

James Foster

Dennis Fritz

Ralph Frye

Donald Gainer

Bryant Gaines

Terence Garner

Gary Gauger

Robert Gayol

Alan Gell

Lenell Geter

Dean Gillespie

Jason Girts

Thomas Gladish (New Mexico Four)

Antoine Goff

Thomas Goldstein

Kathleen Gonzalez (Beatrice Six)

Margie Grafton

Mark F. Grant

Anthony Graves

Louis Greco

Kevin Green

Richard Greer (New Mexico Four)

Patrick Griffin

Daniel Gristwood

Warren Clifford Hales

Tony Hall

Byron Halsey  (Charles Honts evaluation of polygraph)

Dennis Halstead  (Centurion Ministries Summary)

                        (Article by Charles Honts and Mark Handler about use of polygraphs in this case)

Loren Hamby

Lisa Hansen

Terry Harrington

Benjamin Harris

Gerald Harris

Nicole Harris

John Michael Harvey

Michael Hash

Travis Hayes

Thomas Haynesworth

Francis Hemauer

Larry Hicks

Raymond Highers

Thomas Highers

Anthony Ray Hinton

Madison Hobley

Rudolph Holton

Scott Hornoff

Timothy Howard

Paul Kern Imbler

Ricky Jackson

Sonia Jacobs

Gary James

Verneal Jimerson (Ford Heights Four)

Levon Junior Jones

Morris Jones

Paul Kamienski

David Keaton

Ronald Keine (New Mexico Four)

Joshua Kezer

Martin Kimsey

Brenda and Scott Kniffen

Richard Knupp

John Kogut  (Centurion Ministries Summary)

                   (Article by Charles Honts and Mark Handler about use of polygraphs in this case)

Larry Lamb

Ah Lee

Wilbert Lee

Frank LeFevre

Anthony Lemons

Peter Limone

Mechele Hughes Linehan

Steven Linscott

Bruce Lisker

Eddie Lowery

Marcus Lyons

Federico Macias

William Macumber

Rafael Madrigal, Jr.

Joseph Majczek

Theodore Marcinkiewicz

Angelo Martinez

John Thomas Marvin

Tim Masters

Kristie Mayhugh (San Antonio 4)

Michael McAlister

Curtis McCarty

Henry McCollum

Robert McClendon

Terence McCracken, Jr.

Vidale McDowell

Curtis McGhee

Susan Mellen

Emmanuel Mervilus

Margaret Kelly Michaels

Richard Miles

Debra Milke

Maurice Ladon Miller

Benjamin Franklin Miller, Jr.

Lloyd Eldon Miller, Jr.

Gerald Minsky

Roberto Miranda

Jessie Miskelly (West Memphis 3)

Michael Morton

Louis Nasir

James Newsome

Alan Northrop

Christopher Ochoa

Michael O'Laughlin

Calvin Ollins

Larry Ollins

Luis Ortiz

Larry Osborne

Jerry Pacek

Darrel Parker

Michael Parker

Laverne Pavlinac

Jamie Lee Peterson

Antoine Pettiford

Paul Pfeffer

Freddie Pitts

Benny Powell

Douglas Prade

Christopher Prince

Tiffany Pritchett

David Quindt

Willie Rainge (Ford Heights Four)

Elizabeth Ramirez (San Antonio 4)

David Ranta

Ellen Reasonover

Gary Reece

Peter Reilly

Pamela Reser

John Restivo   (Centurion Ministries Summary)

                      (Article by Charles Honts and Mark Handler about use of polygraphs in this case)

Melvin Reynolds

Gerard Richardson

Cassandra Rivera (San Antonio 4)

Juan A. Rivera

Shaun Rodriguez

Ronald Ross

Yusef Salaam

Joseph Salvati

Edar Duarte Santos

Omar Saunders

Johnny Lee Savory

Mark Schand

Stephen G Schulz

Christopher Scott

Terry Seaton

Grant Self

Ivan Serrano

Daniel Roy Settle (Tulia)

Joseph Shea

Debra Shelden (Beatrice Six)

George Shull

Thomas Siller

Claude Simmons

Joseph Sledge

Clarence Smith (New Mexico Four)

John Edward Smith

Nancy Smith

Zachary Smith

Jere Snodgrass

John Sosnovske

George Souliotis

Joseph Sousa

Gordon Steidl and Herbert Whitlock

Frank Sterling

Arthur Stewart

John Stoll

Henry Tameleo

Martin Tankleff

Ada JoAnn Taylor (Beatrice Six)

Greg Taylor

Louis Cuen Taylor

John Tennison

Damon Thibodeaux

Rickey Dale Thomas

Delbert Tibbs

Derek Tice (Norfolk Four)

Steve Titus

Michael Toney

Jesus Torres

Michael Trevino

Jacob Trakhtenberg

Santae Tribble

Anna Vasquez (San Antonio 4)

Francisco Vera

Michael VonAllmen

Patrick Waller

Bernard Ward

Colin Warner

Jerry Watkins

Mary Weaver

Joseph White (Beatrice Six)

Drew Whitley

Herbert Whitlock and Gordon Steidl

Kelvin Wiley

Danial Williams (Norfolk Four)

Dennis Williams (Ford Heights Four)

Jimmy Williams

Ron Williamson

Ernest Ray Willis

David Ronald Wilson

Eric Wilson (Norfolk Four)

Thomas Winslow (Beatrice Six)

Davian Woods

Gary Woodside

Cleveland Wright

Walter Zimmer

Evan Zimmerman

Other cases

Alan Beaman

Timothy Brown

Brian Chevalier

Ed Owens

James Rodgers

Alonzo Watts

Am Polygraph Assn. Model Policy on Paired Testing