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2121 by Morrison Bonpasse


(Now available at in paperback and Kindle formats as a separate book. Click HERE)


2121 is also published together with Jesus and Jesusa in a single volume.  (Click HERE.)



2121 is a utopian novel about the conviction of Chad Delano in 2117 of negligent chemical manslaughter and his struggle to overcome that erroneous judgment.  His sister, Eleanor Perkins, had become an astronaut and traveled to Mars in 2119, with her husband, Max Trenkler, a distant relative of the wrongly convicted Alfred Trenkler. They became the parents of twin girls in 2121, the first humans born on another planet.

    2121 is a companion book to Jesus and Jesusa.  They can be read separately or together, with Jesus and Jesusa recommended to be read first.



Foreword 2014
Editor’s Note 2121
List of Characters
Chapter 1 An Unintentional Death
Chapter 2    Families and Origins
Chapter 3  An Astronaut and a Felon grow up
Chapter 4    Investigating a Death
Chapter 5    The Trial
Chapter 6 Help from Houston
Chapter 7  Investigating Again
Chapter 8    Marriage and Mars
Chapter 9    A Tip and Followup
Chapter 10 Eleanor and Max in Mars City
Appendix A  Ph.D. Dissertation of Forbes Delano
Appendix B  Ph.D. Dissertation of Charlotte Perkins
Appendix C  MOUNTAIN NOTES Summary of Jesus and Jesusa




  from Appendix B. Summary of Charlotte Perkins Ph.D. Thesis re: Jesus and Jesusa

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