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    Welcome to the website of BonPasse Exoneration Services, a Maine non-profit corporation. We provide investigation, website creation and citizen campaign consulting services to wrongly convicted people in New England.  Founded by Morrison Bonpasse in 2008 as a Dispute Resolution firm, the services were expanded in September 2009 when Morrison became a Licensed Private Investigator in Maine and the mission was transformed again in December 2009 to focus exclusively on exoneration services for the wrongfully convicted.  It became a non-profit in 2010.

    For now, the website consists of four sections, with tabs, above: "Home", "Wrongful Conviction Lists", "About Wrongful Convictions" "About Exoneration,"and "Bonpasse Books".  Please click on the links here, or the tabs above for more information.

Current Clients

Alfred Trenkler/Thomas A. Shay, Massachusetts (Federal Courts)

   Alfred Trenkler and Tom Shay were convicted in 1993 in Boston Federal District Court of building

   and placing the bomb that killed Boston Police Bomb Squad officer Jeremiah Hurley, Jr. and maimed

   his partner, Francis Foley.  Neither man was involved in the crime.

Chad Evans, New Hampshire

   Chad Evans was convicted in 2001 in New Hampshire of assaulting and murdering Kassidy

   Bortner, the 21-month old daughter of his girlfriend, Amanda Bortner.  Evans did not murder

   Kassidy, and he and Amanda Bortner are innocent.


No new clients are being accepted at this time.

(Prior to forming BonPasse Exoneration Services, Morrison worked as a volunteer for Dennis Dechaine, of Maine, with website at  He continues to support Dennis's claim of innocence, but does not have a formal provider-client relationship with him.)

Articles by Morrison Bonpasse

     "Claims of Innocence in 'Last Statements' of Texas inmates since 1982." by Morrison Bonpasse (Draft, Feb 12, 2013)  (Please send comments and/or criticisms to Morrison.)

         This article (draft) presents the 50 (out of 492 executed inmates) direct claims of innocence as an indicator of the number of innocence claims throughout the justice system. 

         The source documents and websites cited in the article are linked below:

"Executed Offenders" from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice

"Last Statements of 492 Executed Inmates" compiled from "Executed Offenders", above.

Last Statements of 50 Executed Inmates who claimed Innocence directly " compiled from "Executed Offenders", above.

"Last Statements of 37 Executed Inmates who claimed reduced responsibility" compiled from

"Executed Offenders", above.

"Spreadsheet with classifications of 492 Last Statements (landscape)" compiled from "Executed Offenders", above.

Books by Morrison Bonpasse

   To see the books by Morrison Bonpasse go to

For the utopan novel, Jesus and Jesusa, go to

For the utopian novel, 2121, go to:  For the book, Perfectly Innocent, about the Alfred Trenkler case, go to: 

For the book, EYE CONTACT, about the Chad Evans case, go to:

For the book, Too Many Humans - The Imperative to Return the Human Population to 1 Billion, go to 

For the book 80 Proposals to STOP Wrongful Convictions - Before the End of This Decade, go to


Volunteers sought

    There are many, many wrongfully convicted people in U.S. prisons and jails.  More would be listed here as clients of BonPasse Exoneration Services, but we lack the resources and people to provide assistance.  Please contact us about volunteering. 

Contributions sought

    For less than a thousand dollars, a start can be made at presenting the story of a wrongfully convicted person on the Internet. From there, the campaign for exoneration can be waged by volunteers and, if funds are available, employees of BonPasse Exoneration Services. Please send contributions to the above address, or, for PayPal, click the "DONATE" button, below.

About Morrison Bonpasse

    After childhood in Duxbury, Massachusetts, Bonpasse was educated at Phillips Academy, Andover, and Yale University and was trained as a lawyer at Boston University Law School (JD), a public administrator at Northeastern University (MPA) and a businessperson at Babson College (MBA).

    Building upon that training as lawyer, Bonpasse became a mediator in 2008 and was a mediator in the Maine Small Claims Courts.  He was licensed as a Maine Private Investigator in 2009 and believes that information and truth can assist in the resolution of wrongful convictions; and that people are inherently reasonable. This has been his philosophy in his work for Dennis Dechaine in Maine over the past six years, and his work on behalf of his current clients. He says, "When presented with the truth, most people will want to do what's right."


For more information, please call Morrison at

207-586-6078 or by email at morrison Click for PHOTO